A Film by Beth Lane
103 min
English and German with English subtitles

Audience Choice Award - Berkshire International Film Festival

Cleveland International Film Festival

Miami Jewish Film Festival

Chicago Jewish Film Festival

Beth Lane unravels the incredible tale of how her mother and her mother’s six siblings remarkably survived the Holocaust together. But with each layer she peels back, Lane finds that resilience and sacrifice often go hand-in-hand, and the decisions they made as mere children surviving Nazi Germany have rippled through generations.

On May 20, 1946, after fleeing Nazi Germany, the Weber siblings made headlines when they arrived in the United States by boat. The world was captivated, not only by their harrowing story of survival, but also by how all seven siblings somehow managed to survive their hellish ordeal by staying together. That is until they were split up by the United States foster system. After 40 years of separation, the Weber siblings would reunite, piecing together memories of their incredible journey in the process. Documenting this amazing story and legacy, Beth Lane, the daughter of the youngest Weber sibling, brings her family together to tell their story from the very beginning. A deeply personal and moving documentary, UNBROKEN shines a powerful light on this resilient family of Holocaust survivors, filling in the details the newspapers at the time left out.

A Greenwich Entertainment FILM
Available Worldwide
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