The Two Mariettes

A Film by Poli Martinez Kaplun
80 min
Spanish with English subtitles

Mar De Plata 2023

"The Two Mariettes, which premiered at the 2023 Mar del Plata International Film Festival, is Poli Martínez Kaplun’s third film in her series about identity and memory in different generations of jews in Argentina. Through Mariette Diamant’s own retelling, and the voices of her friends and family, the documentary reveals that long road, and the contradictions that the truth unfolds in her surroundings, as well as the difficulty of taking on the secrets of other people in one’s own life"

La Nacion

A secret kept for 70 years, and a woman, Mariette, who dares to tell it. A film that follows the perspectives of four generations when what had been hidden finally comes to light.

How long can a person keep a secret? The film’s protagonist, Mariette, did it for 70 years. Now, at a threshold in her life, she finally decides to speak up. Afraid of betraying her mother, who did everything she could to keep the secret hidden, Mariette faces her world filled with doubt, fearing rejection and prejudice.

Director Poli Martinez Kaplun who won Best Documentary at Miami Jewish FF for “The House On Wannsee Street” brings us a new story about identity and family secrets.

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