Rock In The Red Zone

A Film by Laura Bialis
1hr 27m
English, Hebrew

“One of the best Israeli docs ... ever”, David Brinn, Editor, The Jerusalem Post 

“A Must-See.” - Maariv

“ ... the story of the power of music, a local rock `n’ roll filled as much with anger and despair as with yearning and hope for peace.”, Danna Harman, Haaretz

"An inspiring, crazy, defiant tale from the battered border town of Sderot.” 

Jessica Steinberg, Times of Israel 

Rock in the Red Zone is a personal view from the ground on the frontlines of an endless war, and a powerful exploration into the lives and art of musicians struggling to create in a conflict zone. Filmmaker Laura Bialis (Vishniac) encounters a creative community that captivates her, leads her to love and changes the course of her life. Rock in the Red Zone demonstrates the power of artistic creation to transcend even the most challenging circumstances. It also reminds us that sometimes in the least expected places, we can find magic. 

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