My Neighbor Adolf

A Film by Leon Prudovsky
Israel/ UK/ Germany
1hr 36m

Locarno Film Festival - Piaza Grande
Haifa Film Festival- Official Selection

Udo Kier (Downsizing, Lili Marleen) and David Heyman (Hope and Glory) star in this bitter sweet comedy.
Colombia, May 1960, just a few days after the abduction of the Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann by Mossad agents in Argentina. Polsky, a lonely and grumpy Holocaust survivor, lives in the remote Colombian countryside. He spends his days playing chess and tending his beloved rose bushes. One day, when a mysterious old German man moves in next-door, he suspects that his new neighbor is... Adolf Hitler. Since nobody believes him, he embarks on a detective mission to find the evidence. But, in order to gather evidence, he will need to be closer to his neighbor than he would like. So close that the two could almost become friends.

A Cohen Media FILM
Available for Festivals and One-offs in USA
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