Love It Was Not

A Film by Maya Sarfaty
Israel/ Austria
1hr 26m
Hebrew/ English/ german with English subtitles

Best Feature Film - Doc Aviv 2020

"A superbly documented, creatively executed tale... remarkable", Alissa Simon, Variety

The unbelievable love story between a prisoner and her captor. Flamboyant and full of life, Helena Citron is taken to Auschwitz as a young woman, and soon finds unlikely solace under the tutelage of Franz Wunsch, a high-ranking SS officer who falls in love with her and her magnetic singing voice. Risking a certain execution if caught, their forbidden relationship went on until her miraculous liberation.

But when a letter arrives from Wunsch’s wife, thirty years later, begging Helena to testify on Wunsch’s behalf, she’s faced with an impossible decision: will she help the man who brutalised so many lives, but saved hers, along with some of the people closest to her?

Directed by Maya Sarfaty based on her 2016 Student Oscar Winner short.

A Greenwich Entertainment FILM
Available for festivals and one offs in North America
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