Elik & Jimmy

A Film by Gudis Schneider
1h 33m
Hebrew with English subtitles

Jimmy and Elik meet while serving in the army. He's an overweight corporal and she's an officer and thin but something works between them. They meet again over the years. He wants her but she rejects him. Only in their 30's, after a few of life's lessons, they start being friends... Until love gets in...

A witty and charming romantic comedy which won Best First Film at Haifa International Film Festival 2022.

The Jury said: "Director Gudis Schneider and screenwriter Liat Elkayam created a witty, poignant and funny film. Contemporary and full of hope, very Tel Avivian, very Israeli. The screenplay, the direction, the excellent acting and the artistic design combine beautifully to create an uplifting romantic comedy"

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